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potential, that's what a flash flood watch means, the poe ex-- potential for flooding going through the rest of today. as we look at the radar as of now, things are not looking too bad. we are dry and have all five sweeps on. but once i zoom in, we will zoom into york, pennsylvania, and we have a low lone shower out there around east prospect moving into columbia heading toward millersville. so if your travels take you that way, be prepared for the wet weather. but all in all, we are dry closer to home. and that's going to change as we go into the afternoon. let's head over to tonya with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have an accident in severna park ever green road at holly avenue. be aware of that. right now it's pretty quiet out there. not too many major problems to report. and because of that, our drive times are doing okay. this is white marsh peculiar vrd at poe las can i -- white marsh at pulaski high weigh. they are doing all right. three -- highway. they are doing all right.
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five minutes 95 southbound out white marsh. traveling through 795 to 70, 7 minutes and just 6 minutes to take you from bel air to providence. we do have an accident reported that is new. it's going to be 100 eastbound at telegraph road. charley. >> all right. hit the road now. plenty of space available. your news this morning, over. >> i am storms lead to the -- leave the morning to be about cleanup. 3,000 people right now are without power. abc2's linda so joins thus morn in halethorpe in baltimore county with -- morning in halethorpe in baltimore county with an assessment of the damage. >> reporter: when the folks wake up, they will spend a lot of time cleaning up. look at this damage. that tree just snapped in half. this storm, when it rolled through a . it hit the neighborhood -- through, it hit the neighborhood hard. we counted 10 frees down. -- trees down.
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when the trees came down they brought down the power lines. so people in the neighborhood are in the dark this morning. there were at the height of the storm about 13,000 people in our area without power. but, again, all the trees down and the power lines down. bge crews were work throughout the night. they say they have a lot of work to get done over here. so it could take sometime before the power does come back on. they are hoping by this afternoon sometime this evening, that the power will be on. a couple streets down bge crews say they talked to a homeowner that told us the roof was torn off of one home and it came down with so much force that it actually slid under a car. that roof getting stuck under a car. they say it locks like a car drove over the roof. but actually that's not what happened. gone, you see the trees blocking the road. in dundalk, also, it was an area that was really hard hit when the storms rolled through -- rolled through last night and it store the -- tore the roof off an apartment building woo. spoke to a woman who was home when it happened and said it
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damaged everything in her house when the rain came through and soaked her furniture and belongings and carpet andly thely -- and literally everything is gone. >> it started as a normal storm. rain was coming down and we heard a bunch of noise. i went out and the roof was going everywhere. >> reporter: back out here live on niagara court in halethorpe, this damage is just amazing. we have got so many trees down in the neighborhood. literally blocking roads and just out in front of lawns. the folks here when they wake up, they have a lot of cleaning up to do. it's going to be a tough day because a lot of them are without power. bge crews hope to have it on by this evening. but, again, they have a lot of work to get done. so, yeah, that's the situation here in halethorpe. linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. you can track the storms right down to your own neighborhood. head to for maryland's most powerful doppler radar. you can also sign it to get the
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much need weather alerts. 5:34. people in grand rapid, michigan are trying to make sense of a terrible tragedy that happened. now a gunman is accused of killing 7 people including his own children. an 8-hour manhunt end when the suspect killed themself. this morning, john hendren has more. >> reporter: a tedly shooting rampage. -- deadly shooting rampage, high-speed chase put a michigan city on edge. seven people were shot and killed and the suspect got himself in the middle of a tragic drama. >> while our negotiators were talking to him and giving instrucks as to turning himself in and surrender, we heard a gunshot and it turn out to be a self-inflicked gunshot wound to the head. >> reporter: 35-year-old roderick danceler shot 9 people killing 7 and led police on ahigh-speed chase through grand rapids. four people founded in one home three victims in another house
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in another neighborhood. two victims were children. >> we believe one of them was his daughter and one was an ex- girlfriend. the other one was an ex- girlfriend. >> reporter: the ordeal began when i opened fire in two homes late thursday afternoon. as local and michigan state police gathered evidence, neighbors and eye witnesses expressed shock. >> it has tonight hardest thing ever. two families just gone and torn apart all in the blink of an eye. one person can do this to somebody, it's terrible. >> reporter: two people were shot and injured in what police believe were related incidentsdanceler was released from prison in 2005 on assault charges. he had a long record police say. john hendren, abc news. news now from around the nation. tragedy in arlington texas. a man who was at a texas rangers game with his son died after falling from the stand while trying to catch a baseball tossed from rangers left fielder josh hamilton. that man fell 20 feet headfirst
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landing just beyond the left field wall. >> i don't think as any of us would be, josh is very distraught over this. as the entire team is. >> well, last july at rangers ball park a fan fell 30 feet from the second deck. he was trying to catch a foul ball. he suffered a fracture skull and nolan ryan says it's too willy to talk about changes that might be made at the ball park because of the two accidents. a deadly plane crash inwatsonville, california. it crashed into the hospital unoccupied office building and burst into flames. two people were on board and they were killed. the officials say the plane had taken off from a nearby airport. there's no word on what caused that crash in the first place. a dangerous situation a fuel line broke out on an truck igniting a fire that trapped an
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electrical worker on a pole close to the high voltage lines. the ordeal was caught on camera. >> it was like a bird on a wire. but he couldn't go all the way down because the car below him was on fire also. >> despite the flames, anothertruck were in the same area and they leapt into action. even as his vehicle caught fire, that worker calmly went to work rescuing the fellow patrolman and thanks to determination and quick thinking, both are reported to be fine. 5:37. you heard it time and again obesity continues to be a growing ep dem nick country. >> yeah -- epidemic in this country. >> the number of how bad it is and the state with the biggest problem. meeting at local medical center in baltimore between six people and they all are really grateful to share the gift of life. aid great story. -- it's a great story. you are watching good morning maryland first and only at 4:30. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens virginia,
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where baltimore goes to get away. maybe it's because baltimore loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at news time 5:40. health alert a report says 2/3 of all adult and a third of children and teenagers here in the u.s. are either overweight
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or obese. now according to the report, the trust -- by the trust for america's health and robert johnson foundation a. dozen states now have obesity rates higher than 30%. mississippi is the most overweight stays and colorado is the least overweight state. 5:41. this is going to be really he can citing and just -- in just few hours six patients involved in a triple kidney swap at the university of maryland medical senter will meet for the first time. hospital officials say each recipient originally came to the hospital with an intended donor who turn out to be not a map after all. the transplants were arranged through the pared kidney program and six surgeries took place on june 15th. they will meet for the first time this morning. >> in the past they had to remove a rib. >> now it's easy. one incision. it's amazing what they can do. and recovery time is not nearly as severe as it used to be. >> more on that coming up later
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on abc2 news. time for a check of your weather and that's a big story today because storms last night were pretty dangerous. >> absolutely. it wassingly out there. >> it was. and you know it could be gettingly again going into the afternoon. if you have errand, do them this morning because you can see the radar is dry as of now. you have to look at things to see the one lone storm in southern maryland but that's not doing anything at this point. it's actually in the bay. so as we look at flash flood watch it's in effect through tonight and basically covering everybody. and we do have the potential for flooding as we go through the rest of today. darlington's temperature at 69. the big story once again for today is the dew points. so we are going to be feeling uncomfortable out there. temperature wise, we will be right around 8# but the big story is the -- 83 but the big story is showers and thunderstorms into the afternoon. tonya has traffic. >> reporter: good morning. it's a good morning. marc trains are on time. that's always good news. let's look outside as the sun comes up and see what's going
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on. 895 south of o'donnell, no problems to report. all of the volume is southbound to the right of the screen. northbound is moving well. we do have some trees down robert highway southbound at johns hopkins so be careful there. accident reported 100 eastbound at telegraph road. and 108 is also closed in drum yeah. -- columbia. >> thanks. it was passed by lawmakers giving children of illegal immigrants a chance for a break on college tuition. >> and now the final decision is up to you when you will have a chance to weigh in on the dream act. >> reporter: new information on the murder investigation of phylicia barnes, coming up, what authorities are looking into. [ dog barking ] mom!
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now "good morning maryland." this morning police are turning their attention to e- mails and facebook in the search for answers in phylicia barnes murder. sherrie johnson has more about the search warrants that were obtained access to online accounts. sherrie. >> reporter: well, these search warrants could provide a clue as to what may have happened to phylicia barnes n each warrant authorities -- in each warrant,
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authorities are investigating distribution of child pornography. we don't know how it could be connected to the death n one warrant police are granted access to several facebook accounts which are all identified with numbers. the other warrants allows police to get information into several yahoo and aole-mail accounts two of which contain the name phylicia. the move doesn't necessarily mean that the case has a sex crime element, but that evidence of sexually explicit material discovered during the investigation could provide new insight into her death. she disappeared after christmas last year. her body was found months later near the conowingo dam. so far no arrest has been named or suspects named in the casep we will continue to follow this case and bring you the very latest information as we receive it. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> all right, thanks a lot. 5:47. an illeam legal immigrant accused of posing as a member of a rock fella family is due in court today in california.
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he goes by the name of clark rockefeller was extradited from boston where he was serving a sentence for kidnapping his daughter. 's had been-- he and his daughter were found here in baltimore after authorities were look for him. he is charged with killing a man in southern california more than 25 years ago. funeral arrangements are being made for the owner of a locust point landmark. he died yesterday morning at gill cyst hospice care -- gill crest hospice care. he was 79 years old. 5:48. this morning, remember a football lendl. john mackey is dead. before he had shannon sharp, there was simply number 88, mackey credited with inventing the tightend position as a fryoffense -- as a true offensive weapon. we are left to remember how mackey and lenny moore called
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the city. john remember that is. >> john mackey and lenny moore talked to the people to keep an explosive situation from happening them the went out to businesses and got food and sandwiches and they got donations and fed the people down at baltimore civic center. then they talk to the people called a very hard situation. they basically john mackey and lenny moore saved the city from a terrible fate. >> hall of famer baltimore colts and city hero, dead at 69. the state of the dream act rest are maryland voters. the state board of elects announced there's enough signatures in the first place to put it on the bill on the ballot in november 2012. the dream act allows undocumented immigrants who meet certain requirements to pay in-state rates. one law marks has been fighting hard against the -- one lawmaker has been fighting hard against the measure. >> it's a victory in marylandbut sends a message across the country to other
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states that if you do this, the people will go to petition and they will defeat you. >> advocates of the dream act say the measure would give thousands of teens who grew up in maryland a better chance of going to college. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most being a ret by weatherate. >> hew, -- hi, i am meteorologist lynette charles. the low should be around 66 degrees and the record low was set in 2000 at 53 degrees. and we should be at 87 degrees now for our high. and the record high setback in 1993 at this century mark. and as we check out the highs yesterday, well, we really soared and had lots of sunshine and the roof caved in because that's what gave way to thunderstorms across the area. 93 degrees in winchester. charlotsville around 91. easton at 95 degrees. now our lows right around 71 in to baltimore.
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dulles around 71. easton at 73. patuxent river at 76. so not too low. the moisture content once again very high. 68 for the dew point into baltimore. 72 in dc. and easton, coming in right around 75. so a lot of moisture is in the air. and we will squeeze all of it out and so be it. we have a flash flood watch as we go through the rest of tonight. that's basically through our entire viewing area. so we have the potential for some flooding as we go through the remainder of today. the satellite and radar is not picking up on a whole lot. we had showers and thunderstorms earlier this morning that scooted out and we are dry as of now. but changes definitely on the way. we will see another day like yesterday. it could be a little bit worse because we will have more ran across the area. because of all the moisture that we are seeing. so a along the stationary front, we will get the showers and thunderstorms popping up. we had the moisture feed coming in across the area. so we are going to have a time
5:52 am
of it as you head out and about today. make sure to grab the rain gear because you most likely will put it to iewssments it's going to be more wide coverage -- to use. it's going to be more widespread coverage than yesterday. the showers and thunderstorms are going to be out there at 1 and 4 and heading into saturday, things look better. we will dry things out for the weekend. our temperature today coming in right around 86 degrees with the rain, the cloud and it will hold the temperatures down. we have the flash flood watch. by tonight, that temperature coming in right around 69 degrees. it's going to be very soupy and humid outside and by tomorrow, the temperature coming in right around 88 degrees. we could see showers in the morning but we will see some grad -- we will see some gradual clearing and it will be an awesome day. >> reporter: traffic is getting soupy as well. york record is closed at beaver run lane and ash lan. this is 50 at i-97. no problems to report westbound with the oncoming traffic from
5:53 am
annapolis into parole. 97 southbound is moving well moving up up towards the beltway -- up towards the beltway. 108 is closed due to a tree down and 100 eastbound at telegraphroad there's an accident also. a big meeting scheduled for today at the white house. >> who the president will be sitting down with in hopes of reaching a budget deal to raise the nation barrioing limit. the first deadly bear attack at yellow stone park since 1986. a man mauled by a grizzly but a new development in the story we have to tell you about. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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today the 911 tapes from the deadly bear attack in yellowstone park may be released. mama grizzly mauled a man when he surprised her and her cubs. that's the report we are getting today. >> also president obama will meet with nancy pelosi at the white house. they are going to talk about raising the nation's barrioing limit before the -- borrowing limit before the august 2nd deadline. group of teen drivers will head the -- hit the road today. >> the activities they will
5:57 am
take part in trying to help teens stay safe on the roads. and what happens when a driver attempted to get through a flooded street. she made it out in the nick of time. we will show you. and a washington state woman is hoping the tsa can give her answers for wanting to search her hair before allowing her to board a flight. we are going to tell you the details of this. we raised eyebrows and you've got to hear this. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. a
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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." i was scared i didn't know what was going on. one roof came off and another roof came off. >> cleanup and power out annals this morning to tell you -- outages to tell you about after a storm barreled through the area. >> reporter: i am sherrie johnson live at m and t bankstadium in front

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